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Scandia's sauna barrels have the most innovative designs in the industry. Their cylindrical shape offers better heat circulation and efficiency. With integrated first-class technology, these cedar sauna barrels are unmatched.

  • A Smart Wi-Fi heater controller.
  • Sizes from 72"W x 47"D x 77"H to 84"W x 96"D x 77"H. (2 to 8 person sizing)
  • A 100% stainless steel Scandia Heater.
  • A stunning and durable build.
  • Upgrades include full glass doors and or a gas heating unit.
  • Fast and Easy Assembly. (Less than two hours)

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Sizes from 2 to 8 persons available. 



Sizes from 2 to 8 persons available. 



Cedar Barrel Saunas | FAQ

Are Barrel Saunas Kits Any Good?

The truth is, barrel saunas are amazing!

They mostly have a simple DIY assembly style and need no further cutting. Barrel saunas have innovative designs, making them very efficient for heat circulation.

Barrel saunas offer the same health benefits as any other sauna would. These benefits range from improved blood circulation, which reduces the risk for heart disease or stroke, to reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer's and dementia.

Cramped space inside the house? Well, with barrel saunas, you do not require space inside the house. You may use your backyard as a dedicated space for your sauna experience. Having them in the backyard comes with the promise of fresh air and being closer to nature in every bath you take.

How Much Does a Sauna Barrel Cost?

An outdoor barrel sauna may cost anywhere between $2500 to $13,00.00. Still, most good-quality barrel sauna kits are around $7000. Although other options, such as an infrared sauna blanket, might look more appealing due to their price, nothing will replace a proper sauna room experience.

Do Sauna Barrels Work in the Winter?

Although outdoor sauna barrels work best in areas that don't drop below freezing temperatures, snow may work as a natural insulator. The main difference between using an outdoor sauna during warmer times and winter temperatures is how long it takes for the sauna to heat up and be ready for use. Outdoor saunas during winter times can take an extra 10 to 20 minutes to heat up fully.

There are a few things to consider which will make your winter sauna experience worthwhile:

• The size of the sauna should be appropriate. It should not be too small, but it should not be too big. This is to avoid losing heat or having too much of it.

• Consider how you will use the sauna, how many people, and how much working space you have. This is to ensure everyone enjoying that sauna session has a pleasant experience.

• Consider the type of sauna heater you'll be using. Some heaters take longer to heat up a sauna room than others. For example, an electrical heater can give your sauna the perfect temperature a few minutes before a wood-burning stove would.

Are Sauna Barrels Hard to Maintain?

Sauna barrels are not hard to maintain. Unlike hot tubs or pools, cleaning a sauna does not require chemicals. As long as you wipe the excess moisture with a clean cloth and water, your sauna will be ready for use whenever you are.

Here are some tips to elongate the life of your sauna barrel:

• Always clean your feet before using the sauna. You do not want any dirt in there!

• Do not leave wet towels inside the home sauna to avoid sweat stains!

• Wipe the wood to get rid of any extra moisture after use.

• Leave the door open for a few hours after using your sauna and let it dry.

• Interior cleaning once a month is recommended when using it regularly. For the exterior, only clean it when necessary.

• Use chemical-free products with warm water to avoid wood damage. You must never use chemical sealants or protectants inside as these are harmful to your health!

• Address water seepage/leakage immediately.

Can You Put a Barrel Sauna in a Garage?

Yes, you can absolutely place a barrel sauna in your garage! The benefit of this is during the winter, as it might take longer for a sauna barrel to heat up entirely in a relatively colder location like a backyard.

Here are a few useful tips:

• Install a Himalayan salt wall or a LED light bar for ambiance.

• Prepare the floor of the garage before building your barrel sauna.

• Ensure a certified electrician does the electrical installation so your sauna is not a fire hazard to your home.

Is it Hard to Build a sauna barrel?

Barrel saunas are not challenging to build at all!

It takes two people an average of 1.5 hours to 2 hours to build a fully functional sauna barrel. Also, insulation on a sauna barrel is unnecessary, making the assembly even more straightforward. Every sauna comes with an instruction manual and over-the-phone support if you need further assistance.

Here are some valuable tips for building your outdoor sauna barrel:

• Take time prepping the project. Ensure you know where you'll place your sauna, ensuring access to electricity and water is nearby.

• Have the necessary tools ready before starting your project.

• It is recommended to build the sauna barrel between two people.

Is an Outdoor Sauna Barrel Right for me?

Now, you may be thinking, how are these outdoor sauna barrels better? Sauna barrels offer many unconventional benefits that indoor saunas do not have.

• The barrel's shape allows heat to circulate more efficiently.

• Outdoor saunas offer a creative way of adding an element of self-care to your backyard layout.

• Saunas add property value.

• Compared to indoor saunas, outdoor sauna barrels are easier to ventilate and drain.

• If you lack space inside your house, you might want to consider getting an outdoor sauna.

With all that being said, we encourage you to use your imagination. With this sauna, you can have all the possible features you want by building it to your desired size with our electric, wood-burning, or gas heaters.