The Ultimate Barrel Sauna Guide

Owning a home sauna has numerous advantages, including quick and fast access to stress reduction and physical relaxation, with the addition of being just for you and your guests. 

Nowadays, buying a home sauna is simpler than ever, thanks to things like the internet. The real issue is deciding which one is best for your needs. For this reason, we put up this comprehensive guide to assist you in traversing the numerous features, sizes, and upgrades available in the world of barrel saunas, so you can be better informed and possibly even leave knowing which sauna is right for you.

What size of sauna is right for me?

Considering how you will use the sauna and how much space you have to work with will answer this question. If you have a smaller or medium space, you could go for a 2-4 person sauna or 4-8 if you were thinking of buying a larger sauna. 

What type of heater should I choose?

Sauna heaters come in three varieties: gas, electric, and wood-burning. Even though they are designed to accomplish the same purpose, it is critical to understand their distinctions.

First and foremost, your budget and personal preferences will determine the sauna heater you choose. For example, wood-burning heaters are frequently used for the outdoors as they provide the most natural experience and require nothing but cords of wood. On the other hand, electric heaters require nearby electricity access to be viable since you'd be spending a lot more on fueling a generator than buying wood cords. Last but not least, gas heaters. 

Can you automate a barrel sauna?

For automation, you will have to go with an electrical heater. Most electrical heater brands now offer a control panel or a phone app to regulate their heaters. 

Does the type of wood matter?

Again, this is a matter of preference. Most high-quality saunas offer two different types of wood, each providing its benefits.

Cedar: This type of wood is the most popular because of its fantastic aroma and resistance to decay, durability, and insect-repelling qualities. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions, so it is a good choice for locations that experience hot or cold weather. Its color, aroma, and resiliency are all factors that lead to its similar price.

Poplar: This beautiful wood can range from pale yellow to white and typically has a straight, uniform grain. It's one of the most cost-effective sauna woods out there, balancing durability, attractiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

How do I customize a barrel sauna?

In addition to choosing a size, material, and heater that fits your needs and taste, you should keep in mind the following personalization options when creating your perfect sauna escape.

Chromotherapy: Light therapy is an excellent addition to any sauna as it not only makes any sauna look better but can also bring additional benefits ranging from better sleep to reducing anxiety.

Himalayan Salt: Himalayan salt releases minerals onto the surrounding air. These salt particles and minerals can absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins, from the surrounding air, thus improving overall health. This makes them a beautiful yet health-beneficial addition to your sauna. 

Are barrel saunas difficult to assemble?

Barrel Saunas are designed for an effortless installation process. Two people can assemble a barrel sauna in 1.5 to 2 hours. Most barrel sauna kits come with all the necessary for assembling, making it even easier.

How long do sauna barrels take to ship?

At, all our barrel saunas have a 0-day lead time. We will begin the shipping process as soon as you complete your purchase. 

Accessories for your barrel sauna

You can also select a number of accessories that will add a comfortable, convenient, and charming touch to your barrel sauna. 

  • Using buckets and ladles to transport water is a traditional and safe way to pour water over your heater rocks to make steam. 
  • Timers, thermometers, and hygrometers can provide you with the operational details you need to dial in perfectly to your sauna session.
  • Essential oils are also great if you want to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.